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From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 96 08:19 PST
I need some help identifying wiring on my 76B restoration. I neglected to
take photographs before tearing into removing the under hood wiring loom.
The photographs didn't seem necessary with my other B's on hand, I was
wrong, now I am faced with the wrath of the net!  
Can any one help me identify the location for a brown wire (actually a heavy
+ a lighter gauge wire joined at a molded insulated spade connector). The
wire comes from the loom between the starter relay and the fuse box. There
are several heavy gauge brown wires that all come out together. 4 of them,
with insulated spades, join in that rectangular 'free floating, white
plastic thingy', another one goes to the starter relay. The one I am trying
to identify is long enough to reach the fuse box (I know it doesn't belong
there). My guess is it attaches to another relay, there are captivated nuts
attached to the inner fender in this area for attaching maybe another relay,
but I don't remember removing a second relay and I don't have any other
wires to attach, It's like *spare*. 
My schematic does not help me any. I thought with my other cars I have, it
would be a breeze to figure this out, but they are all sufficiently
different to be of no help at all.
Any one out there with a 76 that can help me by checking their car?  It
should be easy to identify the wire as it is the only connector termination
with the dissimilar wire sizes. - John.
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