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Re: Leather seats in Spridget

Subject: Re: Leather seats in Spridget
From: Chuck Simmers <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 96 13:25:03 PST
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The last time I was in Manchester (about 2 months ago), M&G International said 
they could have some made for about 200-200 pounds. Give them a call.

Chuck Simmers
'66 Midget/Toyota
'66 Matra 610/Toyota

Hi all-
Is anyone aware of a company that produces leather seat kits for Spridgets? 
I've tried the Web search through the master list, with no results.
Called Prestige, but they don't have a kit.  Other ideas? 
Thanks!  sf
Stan Fickes           '25 MG Super Sports 14/28 
Wireless Comm.        '51 MGTD, under restoration
Apple Computer, Inc.  '65 Austin-Healey Sprite, daily driver 
(408) 974-7653        '57 Chev Bel Air StWgn, wife's car

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