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Info on ZA ZB Magnettes

Subject: Info on ZA ZB Magnettes
From: (Vaughan Bromfield)
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 11:43:22 +1100
Hello folks

I have just joined the list, and am keen to find out more about the ZA and
ZB Magnettes.

My dad just bought (and sold ;-() a TD. He had it just long enough to get
me hooked onto MGs. Since I have a young family, and little money, I am
looking at gatting a Magnette as a sole daily driver.

Am I crazy or what? How reliable are they?

I am in Sydney  (Willoughby) Australia, and have seen but a scant couple of
georgeous examples around. If you have figures on insurance costs and the
such I would be grateful for them too.

Thanks in advance.

Vaughan Bromfield

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