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Subject: Fwd: Daimler
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 23:39:50 -0500
Don't know if this will interest any of you but if you would pass this to the
right list.

Thank you
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From: (Sam Williams)
Date: 96-01-15 09:20:44 EST


The following is a message I posted a few (obviously inappropriate) places 
Would you please put it where it would be effective.  This is a lovely 
little car thot really deserves an appreciative home.



While talking with a neighboor he mentioned he was thinking of selling his 
'68 Daimler RHD saloon with 90K+ miles for ~$15K.  It has a 250 V8, recently 
completely overhauled.  It is not quite a show car, but a daily or at least 
weekly driver.  Original silver paint not perfect but obviously always well 
cared for.  There is small amount of minor rust noticable, but many English 
car types would call it rust-free.  Interior was redone with original style 
leather (black); wood restored with correct, non glossy finish; all looks 
right.  This is a long time Texas car that seems to have been garaged all 
of it's life.  He has made every effort over the 10+ years he drove and 
maintained it to keep everything original.   

His reason for selling is that he travels for months at a time & feels car 
is deteriorating when it isn't driven regularly.

This is a handsome car with great dignity that needs another good home.

Email me at with phone & snail mail address if any interest, 
will pass it on to my neighboor.  He is not on line.



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