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One word--Burgundy! (was: Why do these things . . .)

Subject: One word--Burgundy! (was: Why do these things . . .)
From: (Jay Tilton)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 15:34:33 +0500
>I think I am just going to paint it black and get it over with.  I never
>liked the black

That's the very best argument against black.  No need to justify it.

>Considered burgundy 

Ooooo.  That's nice.  Mmmmm, yeeah.

>I like it

That's the very best argument for burgundy.  No need to justify it.

>but my restorer had a fit.... he is one of those purist types.

How peculiar.  Let's see if I can remember the addage correctly.
The customer is always . . . irritating?  No that's not it.
The customer is always . . . a fool for not using an original color?  Nope.
The customer is always . . . right?  Ding ding ding ding!!  That's the one.

Who's car is it, yours or the restorer's?  Tell him that if he won't paint
it the color you want you'll take it to somebody who will.  He'll have your
burgundy paint thinned and ready for spraying before you finish uttering the

A devotion to originality is fine and dandy, perfectly respectable.
Refusing to compromise personal taste is also peachy.  But when those from
one camp deride those in the other, they deserve a good loud raspberry.
Here.  I've got a spare I can lend you.
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Jay Tilton /  (vt = Virginia Tech)

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