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Re: light - was benches

To: (Mark Jurras)
Subject: Re: light - was benches
From: Don Mathis <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 12:03:30 -0500
At 08:39 AM 1/19/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>         So, should I mount a $5 flourescent lamp on a pole to provide light
>> when working under the hood, or shoule I shell out $40 and get the DUAL
>> halogen lamps?????
>FYI I have the Dual 500 Watt Halogen because I like it cool, not
>freezing my a$$ off when it is 10 deg in the barn.
>Mark "just my 200 watts worth" Jurras    = =o&o
>> Tim Moses, Esq.         U.S.N.A. 1986     
>> Augusta, GA (pop. 202,434) the 77th largest city in USA
        Home Depot sells a rectangular, 300 watt, halogen flood light for $8.65.
I use them for floods for my home.  I also mounted one on an old projection
screen tripod when the screen died.  'Painted the whole thing yellow with a
yellow cord and grounded plug. It makes a great auto work light.

Don Mathis
AT&T - Bell Laboratories
Norcross, Georgia
'61 MGA     '37 Bentley

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