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Re: Light blue, Primrose Yellow...

Subject: Re: Light blue, Primrose Yellow...
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 96 16:14:54 PST
Michael Chaffee opined:

> For an early B, though, and I'm interested to see who agrees with this, I 
> think the very best color I have seen is Primrose Yellow (is that right?  
> You know, the absolutely magnificent pale yellow that found its way onto 
> a few E-Types as well).  Do other people tend to like or dislike this color?

GAK!  I've always referred to that color as "piss yellow" (gee, I hope no one
is offended).  But I've known lots of males who liked it.  It must be a gender
thing.  I figure if a car's going to be yellow, it should be YELLOW instead of
looking like it's faded right out of the can.

But the WORST MG color is Sandstone.  Back when these cars were still being 
made, everyone in the biz referred to this color as "babyshit brown."  (I 
smell something burning, can it be me?)  Every time I see an MG paint list, I 
look for the name Sandstone.  It's never there.  Since I know that was a 
factory name for a factory color, I don't believe anything those paint lists 

Denise Thorpe, with two very different shades of '67 BRG made from the factory 
formula on her car

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