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Wierd fuel leak

Subject: Wierd fuel leak
From: john peloquin <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 09:05:48 -0800 (PST)
Dear Netters,

When I started my 1970 MGB-GT up to get it ready to smog after it had sat 
for a couple of years during my restoration, I smelled fuel leaking. 
After checking the usual flexible lines for the leak and seeing they were 
intact, I saw that the fuel was coming OUT OF THE CHARCOAL VAPOR 
ADSORPTION CANNISTER! in the rear right hand corner of the engine 
compartment! I am assuming that the valve on one of the carburator floats 
was not shutting off the fuel flowing into the bowl. Since the fuel pump 
continued ticking, albeit at a much reduced rate, I assume that the bowl 
filled, but the flow didn't shut off due to that sticking float valve. 
The bowl filled and then over filled and fuel flowed up the vapor capture 
pipes and into the cannister, where I had the pleasure of observing this 
freakish and dissappointing behavior. I assume this means a carburator 
rebuild :(

I'd do it myself, except that there are these "tamperproof" devices that 
block access to the jets and the line from the fuel bowl. I'm afraid that 
if I do the rebuild myself, the smog police will fail my car, even though 
I will do it all by the book. 

I'm a poor postdoc with a new baby, so I would really like to avoid paying 
someone 300+ dollars to rebuild my SU4's. Has anyone any suggestions?

John Peloquin
Riverside, CA

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