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Re: advertisement

Subject: Re: advertisement
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 96 10:51:44 PST
Charles Joiner asked:

> any MG friends out there have a list of magazines, journals, etc that 
> MG advertised in.  I have been looking at old mags. at flea markets, 
> but no luck yet.  If I had some idea which ones it would narrow the 
> field.   I had heard that the TD was advertised in National 
> Geographic sometime in the early 50ies  Havent found one that old 
> yet.  HELP!

Every car swap meet I go to, there are people there selling adverts cut 
out of magazines all nicely sorted by car make and model.  I figure it's 
worth the $3 per ad to not have to buy and look through endless old 
magazines to find them.  I have quite an assortment of MG 1100 ads, but 
I've never been tempted to buy MGB ads even though I've found some that 
show cars just like mine, except straighter, shinier, and more original.

If you want, I can look at the backs of the ads I've got to find out what
magazines they came from, but MG may have advertised the MG 1100 in 
different places than it advertised the TD; like maybe "Cosmopolitan" 
versus "Soldier of Fortune."

Denise Thorpe, a Cosmo girl

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