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shocks and springs

Subject: shocks and springs
From: Bob McDonald <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 96 11:41:59 PST
  Does anyone have any experience in testing mgb shocks/springs. I'm in
  the middle of a frontend rebuild on my 66b and am trying to decide if
  I should replace any of these components. The shocks seem to have "moderate"
  resistance while moving the arms in both directions. I'm sure these are the
  original shocks and it's hard for me to believe they would still be good
  after 30 years. I also checked the springs against the specs and they 
  were also ok. I have never had the opportunity to examine new shocks so
  I really have no idea how much resistance I should expect. Please email
  me directly if anyone has done this before. Thanks in advance...

  Bob "don't want to spend the $ if I don't have to" Mcdonald

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