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Re: alternators John Trifari

Subject: Re: alternators John Trifari
From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 96 13:11 PST
John trifari, wrote:

>   2.  I notice that this three-way socket on the altrnator has a cover that
>fits over the back--I suppose to protect against dirt. The socket I want to
>use for the Healey installation has no cover.  Does anyone have a socket
>cover they wish to part with?
There is a company in Illinois called 'British Wiring Inc.' that carries
that connector. I purchased one from them for about $6.00, IMMS. You would
then have a complete reliable connector. Their phone is 708-481-9050. 
>   3.  I'm trying to check through and see if the alternator I have is the
>same as the same as the one described in the MGB service manual (ie Lucas
>18ACR).  The manual only covers 1975 on.  When was an alternator first
>installed in an MGB? I want to be sure I don't have a pre-1975 alternator,
>but I'm loath to take the thing apart looking for a Lucas number.
My 1969 MGB-GT has an alternator as original equipment. I don't know exactly
when the alternator was introduced, I think quite early 68. However, the
later models were an uprated version to handle greater loads. The diodes in
the alternators are the weak link. The 18ACR is the uprated one introduced
in 1975.

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