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Help: 1275 Head Specs

To: Fine Fast MGs <>
Subject: Help: 1275 Head Specs
From: Agustin de la Calle <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 14:40:25 -0500 (EST)
Dear MGlers,

I need your experienced help in identifying a series`A' head.
Last May I bought this head for a series 'A' engine that said:

        (or 06M?)

I hope it's actually for a 1275cc engine, since that's what I have on my 

So, now I looked these specs up in David Vizard's book, it said:

12A185: Intake: 1.4",   Exhaust: 1.156", was mounted on 'S' engines 
(e.g. Cooper), color: yellow.

I took a measurement and found:

        Intake: 1.175", Exhaust: 1", color: blue

What's wrong with this picture? I couldn't find any clues in the book, 
but maybe he was only mentioning the biggest possible valve sizes? That 
would be in a different chapter (but he repeats himself quite often 

I would be glad to see if anybody else can come up with more reliable 
data for this head (12A185).

There's supposedly a great book about Minis that has all the information,
but I don't have that. 


Agustin de la Calle               '71 MG Midget (red)
Boston, MA    

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