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MGB Transmission buying questions.

To: (MG's)
Subject: MGB Transmission buying questions.
From: Jeremy DuBois <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 07:41:00 -0500 (EST)

  Hello everybody,

        This here 74 MGB that I'm restoring does not have an overdrive
transmission, so I figured I'd casually look around for a replacement one. 
Since this is my first restoration, and I haven't attacked the transmission
yet, I know relatively little about it. 

        I seem to remember reading that it's relatively easy to swap the two
transmissions, that all I need is the new transmission, the overdrive unit,
and a new driveshaft. Right? (And of course, the wiring and switch)

        How do I tell if a transmission is any good, if it's detached from
the car?  I assume any transmission I buy I'd have to at least put new seals
and syncros and stuff in, but (obviously) I don't want to buy something that
I find is worthless as soon as I tear it apart.

        When people sell overdrive transmissions, do they usually sell the
overdrive unit along with it, or am I likely to have to find one of those
seperately?  What about the driveshaft?

        What's a reasonable price to pay for an o/d trans?  There's one
listed in the current MGB Driver newsletter for $450...  Also, how much can
I expect to get if I sell my non-overdrive unit, which was in good enough
shape to get the car home last summer, but is definately needing rebuild.

                Thanks for any answers,
                                        Jeremy DuBois
                                        Programmer/System Administrator
                                        Thermalogic Corporation
                                        '74 MGB, '76 Spit

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