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Funky Farina still waiting for you

Subject: Funky Farina still waiting for you
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 15:02:25 EST
 I got a few responses about the MG Mk3 Farina Magnette that is for 
sale here in NH, but nothign has turned up.   It has already had the 
enige rebuilt (but out), the body rebuilt, but in primer, a complete 
suspension rebuild and work done on many of the ancillaries.  It's a 
great buy and could be EASILY finished by any half-competant restorer.
   WRite me and I'll tell you all the details.  No, it's not mine.  
The owner is the duaghter of the retorer who dropped dead before 
completeing the restoration.  I'm helping her get rid of it.  It is 
in Central NH.   Write...


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