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MGB Oil Pressures

Subject: MGB Oil Pressures
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 96 18:43:04
I cranked my 79 MGB which had its engine rebuilt 28 months ago, ran 400
mi and has not been run for 24 months.  Removed the plugs and placed
copious quantities of oil in the cylinders, then turned the engine
manually.  After fritzing with wiring for a day to get the starter to
work, it turned over - no oil pressure.  After 7 or 8 tries of 5 to15
secs, i still can not get oil pressure.  I did not change the filter but
will do this next then I want to use my squeeze handle oil can (imparts
considerable pressure) to 'prime' the pump by injecting oil into the line
from the engine to the sensor device on the bulkhead. 

Does this make sense?  is there anything else i can do to determine
whether I have oil pressure or not (maybe the sensing sytem is shot - it
was working when the car was parked two years ago).  Advise and any input
gladly accepted.

Preston and Betti Ann Smith (
Soon to be retired in Halifax NS (Jul 96)
'80 LE
'80 Roadster (needs work)
'78 Roadster (400 miles on Engine)
'93 Altima
'94 Grand Cherokee attached (most of time) to 27 ft Shasta Trailer 6
looms and 2 spinning wheeels

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