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Tempered windshields

Subject: Tempered windshields
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 14:51:28 -0500
The Arnolt comes home from the paint shop tomorrow, so today I dug the
windsheild and rear window out from under the house and cleaned them
up....looks like the car was at Emory U. in 1968....Anyone?

I know that safety glass is in order for the windshield but mine is made out
of unobtainian, so I'll stick with the tempered...but there is a couple of
long scratches in the windshield where it looks like some one with a diamond
ring tried to defog it (my wife does this all the time).  One is so deep I
can catch it with my fingernail.  Does anyone know if polishing these out is
feasible?  There was a recent thread on repairing dings in windshields with
those kits, but my problem is a little different and the glass is tempered
which might make a difference.

I wonder what they did in the old days with tempered windshields when a rock
it them and they shattered into little peices?? Sudden top down driving!!

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