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RE: How Do You Keep the GT from rusting

Subject: RE: How Do You Keep the GT from rusting
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 21:11:44 EST
This is to PROE and all you others:

I don't know any rust prevention secrets.  Bu tI do know my driver's 
side door is rusting but the passenger side door isn't.  Also the 
drvier's side door has a torn rubber seal, the passenger side doesn't.
  I'd assume that the two meant something, but I'm to lazy to fix 
either.  Right now it's just rust paint, prime and ignore for me.  
I'm still on the *P board alot.  Don't bother taking off the fenders 
to rust proof behind them.  It is a BIG job.  You have to take off 
the windshield and the dash.  If you are going to do all that work, 
you might as well put on new fenders while you are at it, you know?  
Fenders are easier to remove on the GT.  Do you have any hints on how 
to keep you car from having mood swings?  Is your car on Prozac or 
does it get to be a real bitch on those cold mornings also?  Any of 
you people who also drive thier MG and have an MG as a sole means of 
transportation as I do, I'd like to hear what you've observed about 
driving your MG day in day out years after it's sell by date.

 John Elwood

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