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Re: CA DMV is evil

To: (Denise Thorpe),
Subject: Re: CA DMV is evil
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 16:59:16 -0500
The reason I love MGs is that it usually avoids politics, religion and is an 
escape from the rules of society and law. Our cars defy the rules and the rule 
makers. We can't live with government but we can't live without it. We 
(Americans) are the least regulated and least taxed industrial people on 
earth.Yet we think that we are the most taxed and regulated. Our tendency to 
ignore the rules. (the lady in question) raises the ire of some and the defence 
of others. All the advise and statements have merit. Maybe this lady is evil, 
maybe she has been burned before, and is, in a foolish way trying to avoid 
another accident on her record. Her story is hearsay in this discussion. 
Therefore back to the cars and this hobby

Mike Leckstein 

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