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Post winter-storage tips?

To: mgs <>
Subject: Post winter-storage tips?
From: "Henrich, Dave" <dhenrich@MSDEV1.Waterloo.ATTGIS.COM>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 96 10:50:00 PST
Fellow Mg enthusiasts,

I'm looking for tips on what to do in preparation of starting the MG after 4 
months of winter storage inactivity. The car has been in a unheated garage 
with the battery removed and has been not been started at all.
I would like to be able to throw in the battery start it and drive off, but 
I've heard stories of removing plugs and adding oil to cylinders etc.

So if any of you have any tips to share. please post.

Dave "can't wait for spring" Henrich

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