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Re: Tail Light Lenses

Subject: Re: Tail Light Lenses
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 1996 19:09:12 -0500
    Edward B. (Ted) Weiler asked:

>'74 GT. Noticed that a tail light lens appeared to be cracked.  Thought it
>must have been parking lot damage.  Acquired a new lens (thanks Kevin) and
>went to put it on.  Noticed that the lens wasn't cracked.  It had melted
>from the heat of the tail/brake lamp.  It seems to be the proper lamp except
>that it is a replacement rather than original.  Checked the other side and
>found the same thing.  I obviously don't want to put a new lens on till I
>know what is going on.  Is it neccessary to use original lamps?  Are
>replacement lamps higher wattage and thus the damage?  Is it aliens?

    Sounds like lousy plastic or not enough plastic used in 
    the replica part.
    Different plastics have different melting points, and "high-temp"
    plastic costs more.  I would also bet that measurement with 
    calipers would show that the replacement part is thinner than the 

    If you think that I am gonna go out to the garage in -1 degree F 
    temps with 20 mph gusts to measure the thickness of a hunk of 
    plastic, you are very, very, very, very wrong...

    If you keep purchase records, I would suggest that you return them 
    to the vendor as "defective", since it seems obvious that the part 
    should be made well enough to stand up to the heat of a lightbulb.
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