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Coupla Thanks!

Subject: Coupla Thanks!
From: (NewEdge IAS)
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 23:32:07 -0400
Now, I'm sensing a lot of love here tonight....:)

Thanks to all who replied to my 'coupla questions' about OD relays and '77

I think I'm going to vary from original and install a relay like the GT's,
just to be on the dafe side when the time comes to put the OD in the
roadster. Can't hurt.

Just returned from a 6 day whirlwind tour -
Halifax/Orlando/Dallas(!)/Toronto/Halifax. Our radio station broadcast the
morning show live back to Halifax from Disney World last Thur/Fri. It was
80+. I left Friday afternoon to attend a broadcaster's seminar in Dallas.
Arrived mid-afternoon to 15 degrees! Unreal. Rented a '96 Dodge Stratus.
Scared m'self half to death. At least other people did. Seems our good Texan
friends don't encounter these conditions very often, and their driving
skills are...not good. It was the kind of weather you'd find in Northern
Canada, where winter driving is a genetic thing. Also discovered that the
Dodge doesn't take backing on ice into a parking lot lamp standard worth a
damn :,

An excellent automobilia outlet has closed it's doors in Dallas. The
'Automobile Emporium' closed Jan 31. The nice folks did allow me in to look
around, and pick up a few bargains from what stock remained. they
specialized in high end auto art, sculptures, miniatures, books...picked up
a mint copy of John Thornley's "Maintaining The Breed" for a mere $14 ! :)

Anyhow, wanted to say thanks to all for relpies. Gotta go catch up on e-mails...


Terry "Gawd I Love an MG bargain" Williams
'70 BGT
'68 Roadster
'77 Roadster
300 MG E-mails

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