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Speaking of MGB Prices...

Subject: Speaking of MGB Prices...
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 96 11:27:38 PST
This ad has been in the San Diego MG Club newsletter for at least six months

FOR SALE: '71 MGB, good condition, new seats and dash; has been garaged for 
the last four years and only driven twice for smog check.  Batteries are 
dead now and I can't show that it runs but can demonstrate food compression.
[ed note: I assume he means "good" compression, but you never know, it may 
be in use as a trash compactor.  If this were a typo, you wouldn't think 
that it would have been left for months and months.]  $1,600 BYOB (battery)
or $1,800 if you want it running.  Dave Rose (619) 484-1689.

I haven't seen the car and don't intend to.  I also don't know the owner.  
This is all I know.  I have no idea why this car hasn't sold unless the 
owner has only advertised it in the Club newsletter; Club members are a 
notorious bunch of cheapskates.  There are people in the Club that no one 
will deal with because they can't stand the snivelling.  Part of the 
reason I get such good deals (or in Britspeak, "good nick") on cars and 
parts is that I don't quibble about prices or complain about what I got 
later.  Let that be a lesson to you. ;-)

I haven't announced cars for sale before because I didn't realize that MG's
were so expensive and in such bad shape elsewhere.  These announcements 
will sporadically appear as I find time to do all this typing.  OR, you can 
get the ads as they come out by joining the San Diego MG Club (then you too 
can be a snivelling cheapskate) by sending $35 (renewals are $20 per year) 
with the usual info to:

The San Diego MG Club
P.O. Box 710111
San Diego, CA 92171-0111

Why didn't I think of this sooner?

Denise Thorpe

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