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Re: '52 Alvis FOR SALE

Subject: Re: '52 Alvis FOR SALE
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 96 12:41:26 PST
Chet in balmy Dav Ia said:

> In a message dated 96-02-08 01:20:54 EST, (Denise
> Thorpe) writes:
> >Don't respond to the 
> >sender of this post because I've said all I'm a gonna say on the subject.
> >
> >Denise Thorpe
> Well at least you did'nt say, ever again, or never, something that you may
> take back in the distant future!!!
>         As often as I read your words, I was just wondering???

People who subscribe to the British car list and not the MG list are probably 
wondering what you're talking about because that was my first post there.  I 
don't subscribe to the big list--the MG list overflows my mailbox as it is.

I just meant that people shouldn't ask me about the car because I don't have 
any answers and the owner does, but I was kinda hoping that someone would 
comment about Alvises (Alves?) in general.  Other than the one belonging to 
my friend, I've never seen or heard of an Alvis.  And I'm no stranger to 
obscure Britcars.  So does anyone know anything about the Alvis, who made it, 
what other models they made, etc.?

Denise Thorpe

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