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RE: SAE or Whitworth?

Subject: RE: SAE or Whitworth?
From: "Palmer, Lew (UCI)" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 96 08:36:00 PST
Rarely were Whitworth fasteners used on automotive products. However, BSF   
fasteners (fine thread) were used on many MGs up to about 1954. After   
that, UNF fasteners were used. These are very close in size to the heads   
on SAE fasteners, but the threads vary slightly. BA fasteners continued   
to be used for small machine screw sizes well beyond the 1954 date.

So, if you are doing an A or B or later, SAE tools will serve you well. A   
set of BA sockets and open ends will also be useful.

Lew Palmer

From:  mgs-owner[]
Sent:  Monday, February 12, 1996 10:41 PM
To:  MG List
Subject:  SAE or Whitworth?

Planning on buying either an A or a B (roadster) within the next 2-3
On looking at my workshop (currently renovating, buy MG when
finished), I have realised that I require some fresh tools.
Are MG's SAE or whitworth threads on fasteners?
I have time to assemble a decent set of tools for the new workshop,
and have a realistic (?) budget set aside ($2k) for tools.
Suggestions anyone?
I have a 1.5CWT trolley jack, and little else once I throw out the
looking to do non-bodywork restorations only.
regards from Australia

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