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MG 1100's everywhere

Subject: MG 1100's everywhere
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 96 18:30:52 PST
Bob D. asked:

> Can anybody post a picture of an MG 1100? I'd like to see one.

Sorry, I don't have a place to post a picture of one.  But there _is_ someone 
on this list who has an 1100 _and_ a web page, but does he have a picture of 
his 1100 posted?--nOOOooooo, just his _Ford_ (hint, hint).

An MG 1100 is a big Mini with a big, happy chrome grin.  It has the same 
sideways engine and hydraulic suspension setup.  If you want to see one, 
rent the movie "Clockwise" with John Cleese.  The blue car in the movie is 
(I think) a Morris 1100; an MG 1100 has the same body but a taller grill.

I'm not an MG book collector; does anyone out there who is know if there's 
a book that shows the MG 1100?

And Andy Gibson asked:

> Glad to see that someone's keeping the MG1100 alive over there. Was the 
> also sold in the US?  The Austin/Morris/Wolseley/MG/1100/1300/1300GT/Riley 
> Kestrel (all slight variations on the same car) was a best seller in the UK 
> the 60's, but they did rust badly and not many were saved from the breakers.  
> I seem to recall that the Austin 1100 was sold as the Austin America (or was 
> it Austin Atlantic?) over there?  I'm sorry to say that the only one I've 
> owned was a scrap Austin 1300 that I robbed of it's 1275 engine/box for my 
> Mini. 

MG 1100's/1300's were last imported into the states in '67.  From what I've 
heard, it sounds like the UK could get either the 1100 or 1300 at the same 
time, but we only got one at a time.  I know that the MG sedan sold in '67 
was a 1300 and I have a '65 that's an 1100, but I don't know what we got in 
'66.  The Austin America was sold for a while in the states with first a 1275 
and then an 1800 B engine.  There are other people on the list who collect 
statistics about this kind of thing, but they're being strangely silent.  I 
once saw a Wolseley version of the car.  Gad, what a strange looking beast.
I vaguely remember it being a convertible.  A convertible sedan, what will 
they think of next?

Part of the reason there are so few MG 1100's left is that people stole the 
engines for Minis.  I'll be reversing that trend by putting a Mini Cooper S 
engine and tranny in an 1100.

Denise Thorpe

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