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MGB front suspension tips

Subject: MGB front suspension tips
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 96 16:47:41 PST
Fellow MGB wrenchers,

At the last meeting of the SD MG Club, I learned something new about MGB 
front suspension.  And you thought I knew everything!  Fooled you!  Anyway, 
since I have a few spare seconds (I'm a fast typist) I thought I'd share 
my new found wisdom with the net.

It turns out that about half of the MGB's put together had the upper kingpin 
bushing in upside-down.  If you have a stub axle assembly apart or you have 
a new set of bushings, look at the top one.  It has a curved slot on the 
inside surface that doesn't extend all the way to one end.  The end that 
_does_ have the slot going all the way to the end is supposed to go up when 
the assembly is installed in the car.  With the bushing installed, if the 
hole for grease is lined up with the hole for the zerk fitting, then grease 
that's squirted into the bushing will travel up and out of the bushing and 
into where the weight of the car rides on the top of the stub axle assembly.
The guy who shared this info said that sure enough, one side of his car had 
the bushing right and the other side wrong and the front suspension had 
never been apart before.

Another interesting fact is that the distance piece that's sold by Moss is 
too short.  The distance piece is that shiny metal tube about three inches 
long that goes horizontally through the bottom of the kingpin and has that 
long bolt going through it.  The distance piece is supposed to get clamped 
to the A-arms by the bolt that goes through it so that the whole assembly 
(bolt, distance piece, and A-arm) rotates as a unit with the distance piece 
turning inside the brass bushing.  When the distance piece is shorter than 
the width of the bottom of the kingpin, it's the bottom of the kingpin that 
gets clamped to the A-arms making the A-arms grind against the kingpin 
causing it to saw off the ends of the A-arms.  If you have Moss distance 
pieces, they're allegedly 0.020" shorter that the kingpin, so the trick is to 
grind slightly more than 0.020" total off of both sides of the bottom of the 
kingpin.  Luckily, I have spare distance pieces because I absolutely refuse 
to grind new parts.

If you knew all this before, forget I said anything.

Denise Thorpe

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