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Re: Clubs & Q's...

Subject: Re: Clubs & Q's...
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 96 10:37:34 PST
Corey asked:

> I've got two questions for the worthies here:
> 1) I am about to (::gulp::) start a lbc club here in our area...or at least
> attempt to. We've a lot of Brits, and a lot of British cars that I've seen
> round our neighbourhood, and I'd like to get a club going for two reasons:
> (a) There isn't one in or around Fredericksburg, and Richmond and Washington,
> DC are both an hour away and (b) my boss told me to start 'some promotional
> venture or other, here's some cash' and it's the most fun I can think of to
> have with the money she gave me (and wotthehell, it might sell some real
> estate ... which would allow me to purchase more lbc's!) SO... aside from
> running some newspaper classified advertising and radio promos for the
> organisational meeting, any ideas out there from current clubs? Anything
> atall would help at this point.  Thanks.

Where do all lbc owners eventually go?--lbc repair shops and parts stores! 
The San Diego MG Club (which is _not_ really a club to emulate) puts copies 
of our newsletter on the front desk of all shops that repair and sell parts 
for lbc's.  We also acquire new suckers, er, members at Britcar and classic 
car shows.  This weekend is the "Big Three" swapmeet at the San Diego Jack 
Murphy Stadium and our club has purchased a seller's spot where we'll have 
a display of members' cars (maybe even an MG 1100!) and a table with info 
about the club.  I'll be manning, er, personing our booth Saturday morning, 
so if anyone on the list is going to be there, stop and say "Hi!"

> 2)  How does one go about joining the North American MGB register?  I just
> recently learnt about it (having driven lbc's now, on and off, for 15
> years...someone get me another pint, eh?) and I would like to join it, if for
> no other reason than to let poor Rags know she's not alone out there...
> Thanks again!

Can't help you there.

Denise Thorpe

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