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Re: 30 year old starter

Subject: Re: 30 year old starter
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 14:18:12 -0500
We on the Jersey coast are getting BIG storm number three. So we closed the 
office and I am checking the net as the white stuff piles up. The last item in 
our mail is entitled "30 year old starter" The message follows:

On Fri, 16 Feb 1996, "Winter" <> wrote:
>> I have had a starter since 1967.  I keep it in the refrigerator.  You have
>> to feed it every once in a while if you are not using it.  A spoon of sugar
>> seems to work fine about once a month or so.
>> Enjoy,
>> michael
>    WOW!!  Since 1967.  I'm impressed.  I'm curious, did you ever 
>move to another area during that time?  If so, was it difficult to 
>move the starter?

I say wow too. You see my wife is on all kinds of lists. Not only the MG, but 
suchi, mystery novels, cooking lists, restuarant lists etc. Once in a while I 
open one of her letters by mistake and the above is what you get. I wonder if 
the above disconnects the battery when moving the starter.

Mike Leckstein ( I should have stayed at work!)

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