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Zipittydodah! GT Goldmine

Subject: Zipittydodah! GT Goldmine
From: (NewEdge IAS)
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 22:24:16 -0400
There must be a Murphy's Law associated with weather conditions, and having
your first opportunity to have a close look at a car you've just bought!

Son and I, prepared a tool kit for the morning's venture to the scrapyard
for a first-go at the '71 GT. (Whaddafind fer shure!). It's not just
raining, it's RAINING, your basic torrential stuff. But, we soldier on and
discover that the GT was manufactured 8/71 (my GT was born 10/69). Probably
sold as a '72. Turns out it was an OD car, so it has my long-searched for
labels on the steering column shroud ("Overdrive In/Out" - hard to find
label). SPO (some previous owner) lovingly installed auxially gauges, Lucas
Amp and Oil Temp in the center console, in the opening for the radio, on a
nicely handmade wooden insert. These, if functioning, will find their way to
my '70's recently aquired center console. The dash is prefect, as are most
of the interior panels, and the headliner. All of the switchgear is intact
and appears function-able. This vintage of switch are becoming very hard to

The car has an alloy hood(bonnet), small nudge in the nose, but not serious,
and the fiberglass fenders look great. All of these will find their way to
my '77 roadster. (Should lighten the load for a rubber bumpered car!)Anyone
experienced with modifying GT fenders to fit a roadster? Am I correct in
assuming that one only has to provide an opening for the windshield post?

With these fenders ('72), I'm going to abandon the rubber front bumper from
the '77 and convert to a bumper-less chrome front. The car already wears a
spoiler, and I've got an extra grille - some modification of the rubber
bumper mounting points will have to occur, but I think it'll look neat. (So
much for originality).

On that point for a moment, originality is getting to be an interesting
point. Certainly subjective, ranging from purist to apathetic. To each their
own. Owning and enjoying the MG is a personal experience, choose which you'd
like it to be, and cast no disperstions to those whose ideas may differ.
(Unless it's those VW replicas ;) )I've attempted to keep my '68 and'70 GT
as original as possible, but the '77 will most certainly be a personal, yet
tasteful amalgamation of various year components. I consider it to be an MG
built expressly for me from MGs historic parts bin!

As a result of the downpour, Aaron and I abandoned our scavenger plans.
After having a second look at the car, I think I'd feel better having it
deposited in my driveway, so that's my next, next project. Next weekend
should be interesting, with both the GT and the engine/OD arriving!

Thanks to those who've replied about GT bits. I'll be to yah just as soon as
I get the car home!


'70 BGT
'68 Roadster
'77 Roadster
10,000 '72 BGT parts

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