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Re: Try to remove fuel tank... help

Subject: Re: Try to remove fuel tank... help
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 10:00:53 -0500
>On Thu, 22 Feb 1996, Bart Schwartz wrote:
>>      I'm trying to remove the fuel tank from my '76 Midget..
>>      When I tried to remove the fuel line from the tank, I tried to turn 
>>      the nut connecting the line to the tank and CRACK!  It crumbled into 
>>      pieces.  I hate when that happens, but I can't say it's the first 
>>      time.
>>      Anyway, now I have the fuel line connected to the tank with no nut and 
>>      I still can't budge the fuel line at all (at least without damaging 
>>      it.

    and Ray Gibbons, of the People's Republic of Vermont replied:

>I would quit trying to turn the washer that is flush against the tank; I 
>am pretty sure this is brazed into the tank to provide the threads that 
>the departed nut screws into.

    Ray's observations agree with my memory of the set-up.

    The metal fuel line only runs to the fuel pump on every Midget
    that has an electric fuel pump, so it may not be more than 3 
    feet long total.  If you have the pump at the block, well,
    the damage to the nut seems to indicate that the lines are
    perhaps in need of replacement too.

    The most critial thing to "protect" here is the threaded 
    washer-like nut attached to the fuel tank.

    Nearly every junker I have looked at still has all its fuel 
    lines attached, so you can find another original one easy.
    Getting it off is another story... good luck.  I would buy
    a new fuel line kit myself.

    Here is a (very!) low-resolution image of the subassembly 
    with which you are fighting:

Likely location of Fracture
                    ||                         +--------+ 
                    ||                         |        |
                    VV                         |        |
              +----+                           |vvvvvvvv|
              |____|^^^^^^^^^\  /===\          |        |
 =============|    |\\\\\\\\\|==|    \         |        |
              |    |\\\\\\\\\|  |    |         |        |
 =============|____|\\\\\\\\\|==|    /         |        |   Fuel
              |    |vvvvvvvvv/  \===/          |^^^^^^^^|   Tank
              +----+                           |        |
                                               |        |
   Fuel         Hex  Screw     "Bulbous End"   Washer-like
   Line         Nut  Threads   of Fuel Line        Nut
    The screw-threads are still in the threaded washer-like PEM-nut
    on the tank.  The screw threads are holding in the "bulbous" end
    of the fuel line.  If you cut the fuel line flush with the surface
    of the remaining fragments of the nut/screw threads, you should
    be able to use an "Easy-Out" to remove the remaining fragment of
    the fuel line and nut without damaging the washer-like nut threads.

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