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MGAvoltage regulator

Subject: MGAvoltage regulator
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 21:19:35 -0500
The great Northeast snow storms are nothing but a memory(I hope) as yesterday 
New Jersey it hit 60. So out to the garage to exercise the MGs that have been 
hibernating. First disconnect all the one amp. trickle charges ( they each are 
on a timer so they get their little dose of juice each day. Oops the TF wasn't 
hooked up. Dead battery, and it won't come back. Ah, I have two used batteries 
in reserve. One on a milk crate that is fairly won't charge, damm.  
other is a year old but stored on concrete. It takes a charge! Denise what does 
this mean? TF starts and runs.

Now its the MGA's turn. It fires right up but the ignition warning light will 
not go out. So I open the voltage regulator and look around! What am I looking 
for? It looks all right, but when I push one of the little doo dads their is a 
spark, and the light goes out.I shut the car off and check the doo dad again. 
I hold it in one position it gets hot fast! Must be wrong position to hold it 
in.(my mother didn't raise stupid kids) I click it back and forth and notice it 
is a little bit stuck. I exercise the doo dad and now when I start the car the 
red light stays on until I bring the revs to 3000 for a second, the light goes 
off and stays off even down to 1000 rpm. Lower than 700 and it comes on like it 

Conclusion..the doo dad needs lubrication. I cleaned its points but I need a 
suggestion as what to spay in there. Contact cleaner? Lubricated contact 
or non lubricated? I am a great believer in sprays, glues, locktite and 
else that comes in a can or tube. I have shelf after shelf of the stuff. (Most 
of the cans have lost their propellants and don't work when I need them and the 
tubes dry out) Any suggestions out there?

Mike Leckstein

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