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Re: who can tell me what's wrong with my B's brakes?

Subject: Re: who can tell me what's wrong with my B's brakes?
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 07:55:55 -0500
In a message dated 96-02-27 18:49:43 EST, Benjy Edwars wrote:

>As I said, the brakes work quite well, especially if one pumps them to 
>take advantage of the lesser travel after the first stroke.  Maybe this is
>the normal effect of hydraulic brakes on lbc's, or maybe something is funny
>the master/slave cylinder.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.
I've been working on the same sort of problem with my brakes of late.  Below
is a list of the potential problems and cures offered by the worthies of this
list over the last couple of weeks.

Air in the system....bleed, bleed, bleed, and bleed again.  And, if there's
air getting in you must locate the leak...faulty/worn rubber parts in the
wheel cylinders, calipers, master cylinder, or in the metal brake lines,
connections, etc.

Under-adjusted rear brakes....adjust the rear drums up until they lock then
back off one notch (your car does have rear drums right?)

Front disc brake rotors worn/ground down below spec or pads worn down so the
caliper piston must travel excessively....replace pads, rotors.

Front wheel bearings worn to the point that the wobbling rotor forces the
calipers to open so that the caliper piston must travel excessively the next
time the brakes are applied....replace wheel bearings.

Pedal to master cylinder pushrod maladjusted or worn giving excess play/slop
between pedal movement and MC piston movement....adjust/replace.

Defect/worn master cylinder bore so that fluid isn't pushed
effectively....replace or rebuild/resleeve MC.

The odds are best for air in the system or rear drum under-adjustment, so
these are the places to start.  

Did I cover all the bases here?  Someone correct me if I missed something. 

Unfortunately for me (whine/wimper), I did all of the above except master
cylinder rebuilding/resleeving and still had excessive brake pedal travel.  I
sent my MC out for rebuilding yesterday.

Keith Baer

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