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MGB temperature

Subject: MGB temperature
From: "Ernest E. Gilbert" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 15:00:05 -0800
Does anyone have any ideas?

My '67 BGT seems to run hot. On cool days on the freeway it carries 
right at 180 (180 thermostate) going up to 190, on warmer days to 200+. 
It climbs fast to near 212 (even indicates above that without boiling) 
in stop and go but comes back down when traffic opens up. On hills it 
also climbs to 212+ fast. In the morning it warms up much faster than 
any other MG I have.  I know the thermostate is working because when it 
warms up I can see on the gauge when it opens. No other MG I have driven 
acts like this, they all ride right at the thermostate level no matter 

The engine is a 72 with a big valve head, high compression rods, and a 
crane cam. Static timing is at 14 degrees. The water pump is new from a 
'67 to get the proper pully spacing. The radiator is brand new early 
style. (Moss replacement) All engine accessories are new or fresh 
rebuilt. The only other contrary indication is that I cannot get it to 
idle smoothly below 1000 rpm but I blamed that on the cam. The engine 
was rebuilt by another, I did all the rest.

I really need help before the summer.



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