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Re: Shooting troubles (or Tribbles?)

Subject: Re: Shooting troubles (or Tribbles?)
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 96 09:56:06 PST
Dear Puzzled in Seattle,

> I think David wrote:
> >Is there spark? I pull a plug, turn the car over, and look for spark. 
> Now, I was able to follow you until this point.
> But now? How in the world am I supposed to turn over my car? Do you have 
> any idea how much that sucker weighs?! Do you use the OEM jack for this?
> And, once I have it turned over, isn't it going to scratch the paint on 
> my trunk? (I don't have a roll bar).
> Also you forgot to mention that the radio antenna should be lowered first!
> Then, you "look for spark". Hmmm. So I'm turning over the car and 
> at the same time I'm looking for spark. Is this "spark" (whatever that is) 
> just going to fall out? Will it get damaged when it hits the floor? 
> Should I try to catch it?

You missed the part where he said it might be flooded.  I think you turn 
the car over to let all the water out.  If you didn't do this, the spark 
might drown.
                       '67 Sprite

> Oh, I forgot, I'm supposed to "pull a plug" first.
> But won't that let all the smoke out of those "Lucas" appliances 
> under the hood?

No.  They only smoke when you plug them _in_ to a 110V outlet.  Been there, 
done that, burned the t-shirt.

I'm glad I could be of help.

Clueless in San Diego

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