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Bleeder fittings

Subject: Bleeder fittings
From: "James R. Ferguson" <>
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996 08:51:06 -0500
I have noted with interest the information on bleeding brakes.  But, I have
a question.  One of the MGA's I have was aquired with a full set (5) of
bleeder fittings that appeared to be "automatic".  

The fittings have a spring loaded sealing portion of the bleed screw that
would seal the fitting from sucking air but allow fluid to escape under
pressure, if the screw is loosened.  The bleed screw is made with three
parts (main screw fitting, spring and piston-seal). 

None of the sources I've checked ever show the wierd bleeders.  Even the
local Auto Parts man  "never saw anything like it". (He liked it and wanted
to know where to get some.)

Have any of you seen such a THING or is it an invention of a PO.

'58, '59, '60 MGA


Jim Ferguson

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