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Re: Battery discharge

Subject: Re: Battery discharge
From: (Graham McCann)
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 17:19:11 +1100 (EST)
>I think I have a small electrical drain.  Had to jump my battery to start
>after car setting for some time.  May have something on, but don't think so.
>I have the notion that a small drain might be hard to find.  Any thoughts?
>Does anyone know of a relay to put on the terminal?  Seems that I recall
>seeing something about one for an antitheft device to disconnect the battery
>until you pushed the switch.
Use/borrow a car ignition set up meter (the ones which have dwell, tacho etc
on them).  They usually also have an amps scale.  Remove one of the battery
leads and put the meter in the circuit and read off the current drain (if
you have the car door open then imobilise the interior light in some way.
The drain should be no more than about .006 amps (this is usually enough to
run the clock and the back up memory for the radio).

If it is higher than this then remove each fuse in turn to see if you can
locate the circuit with the drain.

If you battery is more than 32 months old (the average battery life) then
that is more likely to be the problem if nothing else shows up.  Repalce the

Graham McCann  Rivett, ACT. Australia
06 2889055

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