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Re: MGB Kinpin headache...

To: "S. L. Hower" <>
Subject: Re: MGB Kinpin headache...
From: "Ernest E. Gilbert" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 18:48:02 -0800
S. L. Hower wrote:

>   The problem is the a-arm\kingpin/a-arm sandwich at the
>   bottom of the stubaxle will NOT come apart. I removed
>   the big castellated nut with an impact wrench, and managed
>   to get the pivot bolt to spin inside the kingpin bush/distance
>   tube affair, but I can not remove the bolt.  Frustrated, I let
>   the assembly soak in Kroil (and me in malt beverage) overnight;
>   I put the nut back on and whanged it with an air hammer for a
>   while.  *I* felt alot better but *it* still wont budge ;-)
>   Any one have any ideas??
>Go ahead and unbolt the spring pans from the arms. One at least will 
come off easily and will probably be usable. I have had some bolts 
pretty well frozen but was always able to pound them out and reuse the 
arms. You should never force any part on an MG but you definitely need 
a bigger hammer. If the bolt still won't pound out with one arm off use 
a 'dremel' or other grinder to grind off the head of the bolt to remove 
the other arm. The bolt will be in the kit but the arms are expensive. 
Note the front arms are handed because of the offset holes for the 
torsion bar.

And while we're talking, how did you get the arms/pan assy off the inner 
pivot without removing the spring pan bolts. I've always found it 
necessary to remove the spring pan to change the inner bushings.
>   On a related note, Is it a bad idea
>   to use the guts of the new bearings and the exixting races,
>   or should I just go ahead and have the new ones pressed in.
>   In keeping with typical British Leyland fashion, my  manuals
>   say to replace them if they need to be replaced  :-|

Problem is doing a good cleaning job with the old races in, and without 
cleaning how to inspect. Races are easy to change. Get a largish brass 
punch and from the inside of the hub there are 2 notches behind the race 
(180 deg apart) that let you hit the race to drive it out. Seat the new 
one by tapping it into place with the same punch. Just go around it with 
firm blows until you feel it seated. Might as well have new ones.

Good Luck

Ernest Gilbert

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