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Re: Gulp valves and their ilk

Subject: Re: Gulp valves and their ilk
From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 96 11:09 PST
Denise Thorpe, you wrote:
>>Have I mentioned lately that the Datsun 240Z had a similar gulp valve?  Well,
>it did.  It's not identical, but I'm told it works sufficiently to be used
>alternate years in conjunction with the mummified air pump to fool the smog
>Denise Thorpe, who now has to work on a car with air injection, grrr...

I have used the Gulp valve from Datsun. Actually due to limited supply of
the original BL part, my friendly local MG parts supplier was selling them
as a replacement at the same price as the BL part!! Now I don't know if I
went to a Da***n dealership if I would pay the same price, but I did get a
gulp valve for the smog test.  However, there is a small wrinkle....the
Da***n part did not have any provision for mounting bolts and the manifold
port connection came out the opposite side when mounted in the correct MG
orientation.  I had to secure it to the mounting bracket with one of those
plastic tie wraps.
I did get the car through smog that way. So beware YMMV.  
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