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Trans lube/Engine oil

Subject: Trans lube/Engine oil
From: (Robert E Skillman)
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 21:04:59 -0500
Have followed gear lube threads and now that everyone knows how to get it
in the transmission some other thoughts:
     I'm trying to get exact specs but I think I remember from somewhere
that 80-90 weight gear oil has about the same viscosity as 30-40 weight
motor oil.  Apparently the powers-to-be gave gear oil different
nomenclature so Bud or Earl didn't fill your engine crankcase with it.
     I've had several NON-OVERDRIVE mgs which have had both gear oil and
engine oil in the tranny at some time.  Although the book calls for engine
oil I wouldn't worry about gear oil in your transmission (non-overdrive).
     What I've done is switch to Mobil 1 15/50 synthetic oil in both my
engines and the tranny of my MGC (my TC uses 140wt ).  These are low
mileage cars and this way I usually change the oil yearly.  The 15/50 flows
at a lower temp than conventual 5w/30 so is great if you want to crank your
car up in the winter.  High temperature performance exceeds conventual 40
or 20w/50 oils.  If I burned or leaked a lot of oil it wouldn't be cost
effective but for me it works out.  Amsoil also makes a 20/50 synthetic but
its even more expensive than Mobil 1 and I can't figure out their Amway
style marketing system.
     Both engine crank great whatever the temperature is, oil pressure
doesn't seem to vary with high temperatures and the transmission of the MGC
seems quieter and shifts better with the synthetic.
               Bob Skillman (47TC,68MGC)

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