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Re: Fuel Stabilizer Part3

Subject: Re: Fuel Stabilizer Part3
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 96 18:55:19 PST
Dave Keetley posted:

> Just received word from the manufacturer that the Fuel Stabilizer Series C ,
> Model C-100 is now available at a cost of $495 plus shipping (+ 6% sales tax
> NJ Residents only).  

And probably costs $1.98 to manufacture.

> Specify  series and model number when ordering.
>  Visa/Mastercard accepted.
> 1 year limited money back warranty, guaranteed to pass all automotive
> emission requirements.
> To order call or write:
>                       Inset Marketing
>                       ATTN: Order Processing Dept.
>                       841 Mountain Avenue
>                       Springfield, NJ  07081
>                       Tel. 201-376-6809
>                       Fax 201-912-8951

Okay, now we're talkin' turkey.  If 50 people on this list donated $10 
each to buy one of these things, would some chemist or engineer be willing 
to try to figure out if or how it works?  Where do I send my check?

Doubting Denise

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