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Re: Laws that cannot be broken

Subject: Re: Laws that cannot be broken
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 96 15:00:27 PST
Steve Foster wrote:

> Tim, I read your comments with a smile.
> The only thing to point out is that British sports cars are
> like this because all British cars were like this!
> Many an evening my father swore over his A30, A55, A60 & BMC 1800S & Wolsely 
> He went Japanese for 3 cars and is now a Renault man (God knows why!).
> Other British cars were just not as pretty or as sporty!

It's interesting to hear an opinion about British cars from the other side 
of the pond.  I thought it was just Yanks who think they're unreliable and 
only because most of us don't know how to take care of them.  I'd always 
assumed that where British cars were the most common kind, other cars 
would seem mysterious and difficult to maintain.  I was also under the 
impression that British cars in England don't have all the smog equipment 
they do here so a British British car (you know, one with an accent ;-) )
would have fewer parts to break.

> I guess you like them because they are as different as chalk to cheese
> from the trad American car. 
> I'd like to hear why you like them?

That's a long story...

> For me it's that strange English phenomena, nostalgia + If you service
> and care for their every whim you are convinced that they will perform.
> Of course they don't. It's a sort of challenge.
> I'd also like a 57 Corvette, never been in one! Am I wasting my time
> dreaming? 

Yes, you'd be disappointed in the handling of any older 'vette.

> But truely, offer me a Jag XK150 roadster or a Big Healey then 
> there's no contest! The Brits have it. 

I'm relieved to know that the term "Brit" isn't an insult.  The only other 
noun I know of that can be applied to an individual Brit is "limey" and I'm 
pretty sure that one's an insult.  I don't know why, though.

> For all you rich guys there's a fully modern Healey in production 44,000 GBP
> 4.0 lt V8. Goes modern, looks like a 3000 mkIII. They can't call it a Healey
> because Rover own the badge. Now I am dreaming!

Has this car been reviewed in any mags that come to the U.S.?  Then I can 
dream, too!

Denise Thorpe

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