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Re: bleeding the clutch, Tech tip

Subject: Re: bleeding the clutch, Tech tip
From: "David E. Brown" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 01:10:15 +0000 wrote:
> The reason to bleed any hydraulic system is to remove all the air bubbles
> from the system.  Liquids, such as brake/clutch fluid, for all intents and
> purposes, are not compressible.  However, if there is air in the system, it
> will compress, or become smaller, when the pedal is pressed.  The pedal will
> feel soft, moving without moving the piston in the slave cylinder enough to
> allow release of the clutch disc.
>  Where is the air in the system and how do we get it out? Air in the
> hydraulic system will always go to the highest point.  In this case, it would
> be stuck in the highest point of the pipe between the master cylinder and the
> slave cylinder.  Bleed the hydraulic system in the usual way with a hose to
> the bleed screw on the slave cylinder and immersed in brake fluid in a clean
> container.
>   After you have moved about half a pint of Castrol/Girling brake fluid(do
> not use anything else) through the system, release the clutch pedal.  Then
> close the bleed screw and use the rod on the front of the slave cylinder to
> push the piston back into the cylinder. 

This is where I get lost, do you mean to remove the slave from the 
bellhousing and push the piston back?  On a 77 midget, I cannot seem 
to figure another way of doing this, as the rod is not exposed.

>This will cause the bubbles in the
> highest point of the pipe to be pushed back into the master cylinder and out
> of your hydraulic system into the atmosphere.  Wait a few seconds.  Your
> should now have a firm pedal.  If not, push the slave cylinder piston back
> into the body without bleeding the system again.
> ========================================================

I'm having a heck of a time bleeding my clutch.  I've tried to use a 
mighty vac on the bleed screw, but to no avail, yet.  I know this 
subject has been hit on here and there, but any suggestions will be 
greatly appreciated!


77 Midget 1500

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