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Fuel Stabilizer investigation

Subject: Fuel Stabilizer investigation
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 96 18:37:43 PST
Fellow conspirators,

Since I started this investigation, I'll organize it.

According to Scott Hower, the fuel stabilizer device has already been 
tested by a Dr. Durbin.  There's no point in reinventing the wheel, so 
if Scott comes up with a source for information on if and how it works,
we can all hang onto our money.

However, if this source doesn't answer all our questions, I'd like to 
take up Mike Lambdin on his generous offer to be our researcher.  If 
we decide to continue with the investigation, I'd be happy to post my 
mailing address so everyone can send checks to me and I'll send one check 
to Mike.  If we don't make it to $500, I'll return everyone's checks.

I looked at the Inset Industries web site (
and there was no information there beyond what we've already heard.  The 
technical page is still under construction.  I read some of the 
testimonials, including Dave Keetley's where he refers to his car having 
been tested by the people at Inset Industries, and I'm not likely to 
believe their claims, even if I call them up, without some supporting 
evidence supplied by independent investigators.

However, if independent research proves that the thing works, I'll be 
the first in line to make myself an inexpensive copy since they obviously 
don't have a patent and haven't applied for one.

Doubting, but open minded, Denise Thorpe

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