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Re:Transmission oil

Subject: Re:Transmission oil
From: (Graham McCann)
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 09:24:22 +1100 (EST)
  Jay Tilton writes

>The V8 had newer and befier syncros, assumable not brass. Brass syncros get
>eaten up by EP oil byproducts. I would be most surprised if the overdrive had
>actually spec'ed 80/90. There was a debacle in the 70s over oil, sometime
>after  British (Phlem Sucking) Leyland took over, at one point they sent a
>service bulletin to the states saying 80/90 was ok. About 6 months later said
>bulletin was hastily retracted and warranty claim recalls were issued to
>change the oil back. I worked in a Brit shop at they time...
>TR and Jags use different parts than MGs. (I noticed?) TR spec'ed engine oil
>for all gearboxes until they went to steel syncro rings, (later TR6) and
>Still spec'ed engine oil for gearboxes with OD. The Swedish cars that use
>Laycock overdrives (same as ours) spec engine oil to this day. 
>Some shop manuals including Chiltons have incorrectly given specs for Brit
>cars including gear oil in boxes. 
>The bottom line is to look at what they said when they made the car. It makes
>no sense to screw around with different oils and risk damaging expensive
>parts when the original application worked just fine.
>AS for ATF, when you find a torque converter in a 4 speed, then use ATF.
>Otherwise, that's sheer sillyness. Think about it, would you use it in your
>motor? Auto trans don't work like manuals, thats why they need a different
> lube.
>Back to 20W50, folks. Use what works right.

This is rubbish in relation to the gearbox fitted to the V8s!!!!!!  The part
number for the first and secong gear synchro is 22H 1167 and the third and
fourth is 22H 1168 for both the 4 cylinder and V8 cars.  My authority is AKM
0039 - the factory spare parts manual.

Please get your facts right before making statements!!!

Graham McCann  Rivett, ACT. Australia
06 2889055

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