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Re: MG 1100s (the true story)

Subject: Re: MG 1100s (the true story)
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 96 17:00:39 PST
> Fellow fiends:
> So, now that Denise Thorpe is on vacation skiing, what's the *real* poop on 
> the MG 1100?  ;-)
> Will Zehring

Awright, I heard that.  You thought you could make fun of the MG 1100 with 
impunity while I was gone, but my faithful workstation told on you.  The 
answer to your question is, MG 1100's never came with poop, real or otherwise.  
If you ever see one with poop anywhere on it, it's strictly aftermarket.  
That reminds me, where can I get one of those big wind-up keys that people 
used to put on VW bugs?

Denise "and he thinks I'm going to find him the perfect '67 BGT" Thorpe

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