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Re: Modern detergent oil in an old engine

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Subject: Re: Modern detergent oil in an old engine
From: Robert J Donahue/DELCO <>
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 1996 08:28:47 +0000
>Back in the early 70's when I bought my TD, I was advised by several people
>not to put detergent oil in an old engine that had not used detergent before.
>Well non-deterent 40W was readily avaliable back then, and that is what I used.
>I was planning to do a DIY restoration but one thing after another came up
>and before I knew it, 25 years had passed with the car still sitting in my
>parents garage. I've got it running again after much work.
>Funny thing about the oil:
>The old oil I drained out looked clean. The new oil, 20W50, that has
>only gone around the block a couple times, got absolutely filthy! I've recently
>heard that the non-detergent thing is an old wives tale, and detergent multi-
>weight is the way to go. Maybe there is something to this old wives tale after
>all. I assume that the detergent has washed out the dirt from the nooks and
>crannies, and that is why the oil is so filthy. Has anybody else had this
>experience? I assume this is just a temporary problem.

I'm replying to my own message here to add some additional information. I
got to looking at the oil filter that all that filthy oil was supposively
going through. It was clean as a whistle. Should this be telling me something?
By the way, oil pressure is good.

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1953 MG-TD under restoration
1971 MGB 


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