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Re: Wrinkle Finish Paint

Subject: Re: Wrinkle Finish Paint
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 1996 11:33:51 +0100

Yesterday I just installed my newly painted dash again. It took 2
months to have it painted right! 

It's not very easy. My dash was OK the third time I painted it -
without paint sagging and other blemishes. The wrinkle finish paint
has to be sprayed very evenly on the material. Otherwise you'll end
up in different results of 'wrinkling' and the paint starts to

1. First, to get an immaculate finish, remove all the old paint from
your dash, so that you get shiny metal all over.
I did this with paint remover (jelly stuff, I don't know how this is
called in the US). 

2. Buy a spray can of wrinkle finish (In the Netherlands not very
easy to obtain in the local paintshops), put it in warm water for 20
minutes or so and test the spray nozzle. I had to swap my aerosol can
twice because it sprayed very uneven.

3. Put your dash on some kind of heat source - I used an electric oil
radiator - so that it heats up evenly to about 30 degrees C (75 F?) -
and spray one thin/normal coat on the dash. Wait for 4 minutes or so,
and spray a second thin coat. (the spray can tells you to spray a
thick coat - that didn't work out for me, as I got paint sagging all
over the dash)  

4. Wait until the paint wrinkles.

This is how it worked for me. A nicer method could be to put the dash
in a car paintshop oven after it is painted. 

This is how the professionals do it, I've heard.

Good luck

Bert Otten

MGB' 67 (On the way to it's first DOT road inspection in the
Netherlands' in three weeks)       

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