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Re: Overdrive unit

Subject: Re: Overdrive unit
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 02 Apr 1996 09:35:32 -0600
In <>, a.rayner wrote:
>I have a 1965 mark I MGB with a four speed gearbox.  Everything has been 
>fully restored but I would like to put an overdrive unit onto the box to 
>give me better fuel econ etc.  Firstly, does anyone have an overdrive 
>gearbox (pref. reconditioned) that will suit my needs?  (I live in 
>Australia but I'm visiting the UK at the moment.  I may also visit the 
>USA a bit later in the year).  Secondly, does anyone know the procedure 
>for hooking one up to a mark I gearbox?  I have heard that this involves 
>a very expensive conversion kit.

This conversion is very nearly impractical because it requires a new
mainshaft and rear extension for the gearbox.  Installation requires
complete disassembly of the box.  You are much better off looking for
a replacement box with OD already on it.  If you are in the UK, hit
the boneyards.
                        A. B. Bonds

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