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Re: Me and my MG

Subject: Re: Me and my MG
From: Stephen Brook <>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 18:23:50 GMT
> The car has been a year in coming due to either lack of good cars, lack of 
> or simply more pressing things to do (easy with two babies)'s been well 
> worth the wait though - I was out all weekend with the roof down wearing a 
> T-shirt (even though it's still pretty chilly out). With the heater on the 
> is really quite warm !!
> WOW, now I know what motoring is all about.

I like my 1978 B for what it is - a grand tourer of sorts. If I wanted a real
sports car that I could chuck around, I'd buy something else. Which is
precisely what a friend of mine has done. Take a look at this URL:

I'm the one in the stupid red balaclava. And no, the car does not
have a heater. Unfortunately.

Stephen Brook
Brunel University

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