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Re: 1100 advert

Subject: Re: 1100 advert
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 22:34:31 -0500
Our cable company updated our service this weekend so that we now have 70 
channels with nothing to watch, well almost nothing. Channel 65 is something 
called "Speedvision"  What I've seen so far are British made documentaries on 
airplanes. However the commercials are something else. The first was for the 
1959 Chevrolet in beautiful black and white. The next commercial fifteen 
later knocked me out of my chair. 

An add for the new MG Sedan. They never ID the car as an 1100. The ad starts 
showing an 1100 with no back wheels! The car is then driven about with five 
passengers (Queens Guards no less) explaining the virtues of front wheel drive 
and liquid suspension. After the car travels its route etc, the passengers 
Remember the car is floating entirely on its front wheels. The add notes that 
the modest price for the new MG includes four wheels. This spot is priceless. 
ends with a big MG logo. 

Denise, does your car have two or four wheels? Have you tried Two?

Mike Leckstein 

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